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How To Leave A Google Places Review Now That Google Changed The Process

by ApexPredator on 2010/05/05

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

How to leave a glowing review of the quality services provided by Gordon's Transportation LLC on Google:

Google Maps Review Step 1

Step one: you must have a gmail account  AND a Google account. (it is possible to have one but not the other)
If you don’t already have a gmail account, please go here and signup for one
it’s a good idea to list a secondary email that you use frequently to have the password sent to you should you forget it.

Google Maps Review Step 2

Step two: once signed in to gmail, click on Google account in the upper right corner of the page
Before Google changed the process it was easy: all you had to do was hunt for where it said: "write a review"... doing so took you here:

Google Review Box

step three, please type in the following: airport transportation frederick md
that will take you here:

there will be 2 “yellowish colored” listings at the top (paid or sponsored listings)

The search results below them with the reddish tear drop are the local business listings
Google just changed the name of this service from “Google Local Business Listings” to “Google Places”
As of this post (Memorial Day Weekend 2011) Gordon's Transportation is currently in the #c position (or #3 in Google Places)
Google Places Review How To

Google used to make it easy: There used to be a "write a review" button... Big G hid that in favor of something else, now there's 2 ways of looking at this: if Google made is "easy", too many people would abuse it, by making it harder... it's that much more valuable to you, the business owner. Cuts down on cheating, the harder it is, the more Google will "value" the review

Google Places Review How To Step 2

Google Places Review How To Step 3

iGoogle Places Review How To Step 4

Google Places Review How To Step 5

Google Places Review How To Step 6

Google Places Review How To Step 7

Thank you very much for taking the time to jump through all these hoops!

Note to any business owner reading this post: If you cheat, Google WILL FIND OUT. You aren’t the first person to attempt to leave fake reviews. Google knows how many pieces of toilet paper you used to wipe your butt… any fake reviews will be “lost” when the algorithm discovers that the email address used for the review is owned by the business owner or if said fake review was published from the business owners IP address… every possible way to cheat the system has already been attempted and Google engineers have rewritten the code that runs the algorithm to screen out false reviews.

What happens if you do cheat?

Your listing will be degraded (not rank high) until the spam filter determines if those reviews are real or not.
You have no idea how many business owners call me to get their ranking back because they were overzealous in attempting to boost their own rankings. Frederick Web Promotions can pull your fat out of the fire with the Google Powers That Be for $2400.00

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